Installation Accessories & Acoustic Solutions

Metro stocks a huge selection of essential accessories for all our flooring products, including our exclusive Pro Series line of underlays and adhesives and an excellent selection of acoustic solutions. Click on the links below for more details on each product category. For pricing, contact your Metro representative.


Our exclusive ProSeries line of adhesives deliver top quality performance in a dependable, affordable package.

4584: Premium Vinyl Flooring Adhesive

PRO SERIES 4584 is a hard-set adhesive designed specifically for luxury vinyl tile and plank and VCT. Also suitable for wet-lay or transitional pressure-sensitive installation of homogeneous and heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring. It has excellent open time, develops strength quickly, performs well under rolling loads and resists indentation. The recommended choice for high performance installations.


  • Excellent indentation and shrinkage resistance
  • Hard-set adhesive that performs well under rolling loads
  • Provides effective moisture control at < 5lbs MVER and < 80 RH
  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified


  • Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
  • Solid Vinyl Sheet flooring

Available in 4 gallon (#19608) and 1 gallon (#19609) pails

4510: Pressure Sensitive Flooring Adhesive

PRO SERIES 4510 a high-solids, acrylic, emulsion-based adhesive suitable for installing a wide variety of floor coverings. PRO SERIES 4510 resists plasticizer migration, provides exceptional tack and has great adhesion to all common types of floor surfaces. Can be used to create both a releasable or permanent bond, depending on installation method. PRO SERIES 4510 may be used as a full spread, perimeter or grid adhesive and is recommended for all ‘loose lay’ vinyl products (such as Evoke LV ‘Quick’ series).


  • Long open time and easy application
  • Allows easy removal and replacement of planks when used in a dry set (releasable) application


  • Resilient Floor Coverings – Luxury Vinyl Tile and Planks and most types of PVC-backed fiberglass-core residential sheet vinyl
  • Carpet – Vinyl-backed tile and vinyl-backed roll goods

Available in 4 gallon (#19667) and 1 gallon (#19668) pails

3089: Urethane Adhesive For Wood And Rubber Flooring

PRO SERIES 3089 has been specifically designed to bond solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring to approved substrates. Can also be used with recycled rubber and cork underlayments, making it ideal for double-stick applications. Also for use with rubber tile flooring.


  • Easy to apply
  • Extremely low odor
  • Excellent bond strength and elasticity
  • Non-solvent formulation and 100% solids


  • Solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring
  • Reground rubber flooring and underlayment
  • Rubber and cork underlayment

Available in 5 gallon (#19607) pail

SKU: 3110051

Pro Series MS+ keeps you firmly grounded with both its price and performance. It was created to offer an alternative to traditional urethane-based adhesives. With its early grab, fast-curing formula and tenacious bond, Pro Series MS+ reduces project time and labor accompanying most wood flooring installations.


  • Extremely low odor
  • Modified Silane
  • High Strength, waterproof bond
  • Non-staining and easy to clean
  • Wet-set, early grab, fast-curing adhesive formula
  • LEED compliant low emitting flooring adhesive
  • IIC 66 / STC 61 Delta IIC (ΔIIC) 21*


  • Engineered and solid hardwood
  • Bamboo
  • Dry-back parquet
  • Cork flooring
  • Cork underlayment
  • Cork-backed hard surface
  • Acrylic impregnated plank
  • Crumb rubber flooring/underlayment

Available in 4 gallon (#3110051)

*Please see TDS for acoustical testing parameters

Underlays & Acoustics

Metro carries a complete line of underlay products, including a selection of acoustic solutions for all kinds of situations.

Need help? Our Technical Services department can assist in developing an acoustic flooring solution that meets the individual requirements of any project, big or small. We’ll design a solution that includes recommended floor preparation materials, adhesives, acoustic underlay and flooring options. Installations that conform to material and method recommendations may be eligible for a Full System Warranty through Metropolitan. Contact your Metro rep for more information. To learn more about acoustics, click here.

AMB 2000: Acoustical Moisture Barrier

A Metropolitan exclusive! AMB 2000 is a high performance multi-tasking underlay that provides cushioning, noise suppression and moisture retarder all in one easy to use product.  Check out these features:.


  • Superior sound absorption qualities (AIIC 60 / Delta 26*)
  • Suppresses moisture migration from subfloor to 100%RH**
  • Provides excellent cushioning and corrects minor subfloor irregularities
  • Versatile – can be used in floated, taped, glued or double-stick installs
  • Allows for quick and simple board replacement (depending on install method)
  • Indent resistant – unique construction allows most indents to ‘self-heal’
  • Can be used directly over existing fixed hard surface flooring
  • FloorScore Certified for VOC Emissions
  • Economical
  • Can be reused (depending on install method)
  • Recyclable


  • All types of luxury vinyl installation including glue down, loose lay and click products
  • All styles of Evoke Laminate, Luxury Vinyl and VCC products
  • Solid and engineered hardwood flooring

AMB can be installed in many different ways to deal with many different installation scenarios. Contact Metro’s Technical Department for advice on using AMB in specific installation situations.

*Testing scenario: 8”concrete subfloor with no ceiling, 5mm Evoke Quick luxury vinyl over AMB 2000. Results will vary depending upon structure and various floor/ceiling assemblies. Actual on-site measurements will determine final suitability of flooring system for your project. Please consult Metro’s Technical Department for assistance in developing a flooring assembly solution for your project.

**Suppresses moisture migration from the top surface of concrete for internal relative humidity levels to 99%, essentially blocking moisture to the flooring system.  Allows you to move forward on your project without delays or added costs due to excessive subfloor moisture issues.

KWC 3.0 Acoustical Underlay

A multi-purpose sound reducing underlay for use with wood, vinyl, laminate and tile flooring. Easy to install and delivers great acoustic performance at a very competitive price point.


  • Superior sound absorption qualities (FIIC 57*)
  • Made from 92% post-consumer recycled materials
  • Versatile – can be used in floated, taped, glued & most double-stick installs
  • Economical


  • Use with wood, laminate, tile and vinyl (floating only)
  • Glue down or floating installations

FORMAT: Roll, 48" x 50'

*Testing scenario: 8”concrete subfloor with no ceiling, 4mm Evoke Click luxury vinyl over KWC 3.0. Results will vary depending upon structure and various floor/ceiling assemblies. Actual on-site measurements will determine final suitability of flooring system for your project. Please consult Metro’s Technical Department for assistance in developing a flooring assembly solution for your project.


A 3-in-1 underlay at a budget-concious price. Kombo offers a floating floor underlay, vapor retarder and acoustic membrane in a single, easy to install product. Kombo features a top layer of high density polyethylene foam with an integral foil vapor barriers and delivers excellent acoustic insulation as well. For use under floating installations of engineered hardwood or laminate flooring.

FORMAT: Roll, 48" x 50'


The bark of the cork tree makes an excellent natural acoustic underlay. It is also rot and mold resistant and is a naturally renewable resource as well. Kork is made from authentic natural cork with a polyurethane binder. It is manufactured in easy to handle 2’ x 3’ sheets, in 4mm or 6mm thickness. For use with solid or engineered hardwood or laminate flooring.

FORMAT: Fixed size sheets, 2’ x 3’

Aquabar B

Aquabar B is an effective vapor retarder for use in nail down hardwood installations. A non-reinforced 30/30/30 duplex type Grade “B” paper, Aquabar B consists of two layers of kraft paper laminated with asphalt. It aslo acts as a slip sheet to reduce dust and minimize noise and has a PERM rating of 0.87. May also be used in tile installations.

FORMAT: Roll, 36” x 167’

Impacta by Soundseal

Metro is pleased to offer the complete line of Impacta underlayments from Soundseal, a leader in noise suppression technologies.

Each Impacta product has been designed, engineered and manufactured specifically around the acoustical requirements of floor coverings. Many years of research & development and testing have gone into each model and will provide years of acoustical sound reduction while maintaining the integrity and warranty of the floor. For more information visit or contact your Metro representative.


As a flooring professional, you know vents are a perennial headache.  You have to order from multiple suppliers, depending on the product.  Stock covers often don’t complement the décor or match the flooring and often look cheap, but custom-made options – if even available - are expensive and often take weeks to get, necessitating a call back to install them. Now there’s a better option: Aria Custom Vents.  

Aria: One Solution for All Your Vent Needs

These smart, elegant units perfectly match the flooring every time – because they actually incorporate the flooring material into the vent cover.  They can be used with virtually any type of flooring product from any manufacturer, so you can fulfill pretty much all of your vent needs with just a couple of stocking products. They’re quick and easy to install, too. 

Metro is offering two of Aria’s most popular vent products: The original OG Collection is a self-rimming style that can be used in new installs or retrofit to replace existing vents. Simple and quick to install, too.The sleeker Flushmount Pro is designed for installation at the same time as the flooring material and provides an even cleaner finished appearance. 

Product Features:

-                      Compatible with all types of flooring from any manufacturer

-                      Customizable with any style of hardwood, tile, laminate, carpet, etc

-                      Designed & made in Canada

-                      Solid steel construction

-                      Matte black powder-coated finish

-                      Adjustable airflow comparable to traditional grill-style vents

-                      Quick & simple same day install – no callbacks!

-                      Available in six sizes:  3”x10”  4”x10”  4”x12”  4” x 14”  6”x10”   6”x12”

OG Collection

-              Self-rimming design

-              Can be retro-fit in existing surfaces

-              Can be used on floors, wallks, ceilings

-              Easy install, suitable for DIY

Flushmount Pro

-              Installs on subfloor level prior to flooring

-              Floor use only

-              Professional installation recommended

-              Clean, minimalist design


Metro’s moldings program is one of the best in the business and offers custom matched moldings in a variety of profiles for virtually every floor we make.

Moldings for Kentwood products are manufactured in six standard profiles and are listed at the bottom of each product page at

Moldings for Evoke products are also available in various profiles through your Metro representative, or can be ordered online through Versatrim.

Recoat, Retouch & Repair

Metro carries a wide range of products for cleaning, recoating, retouching and repairing our floors.

For general cleaning of all Kentwood*, Evoke and Abode products we recommend Therapy by Kentwood. It is available from Metropolitan or online at

We also offer a wide selection of tools for touch-up and minor repairs, including Tibet Almond Stick, color pens and putty fillers, as well as professional recoating solutions for all our floors.

For more information, contact your Metro representative.

*Polyurethane finished floors only. For oil finished floor cleaning products, contact your Metro rep.