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Imagine, design, and create with Metropolitan. Our Kentwood and Evoke flooring brands are as innovative and versatile as you, offering flooring suitable for almost any application.

Rely on our Metropolitan Representatives to help specify floors that check all the boxes when it comes to color, finish, dimensions, acoustic ratings, and more. Need a custom flooring solution for a one-of-a-kind project? Our representatives can help with that, too.  

See the breadth of our floor collections in a bright, gallery-style setting. Visit a Metropolitan Design Studio near you.

Curious to learn more but pressed for time? Book a lunchtime session, and we will bring the experts and the food direct to you.

Material Bank

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Order Kentwood or Evoke floor samples direct from Material Bank by midnight for next day delivery. Do you have a specific color or floor attribute in mind? Contact a Metropolitan Representative for help specifying a Kentwood, Evoke, or custom floor.