July 1, 2018

Kelsey Grose is quickly becoming a design authority to watch in Southwest Saskatchewan. While best known for bright, contemporary spaces with a farmhouse twist, her ever-evolving eclectic aesthetic translates into ingenuity and open-mindedness when working with a wide range of clientele. Her design blog was named 2017's 'Best New Design Blog' by the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles, California.

A firm believer in a client-centered approach, Kelsey is intricately involved in the development of each and every design project and encourages her clients to fully engage in the firm's Six Step Design Process. With a natural eye for design, helping her clients discover their individual style while bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the table is what she does best.

Kelsey has used Kentwood Flooring in many of her projects over the years and recently chose Brushed Oak Sparrow for her own design studio! We interviewed her to find out why she chose Kentwood for her office, why she likes working with our floors and how she chose her company’s unique name!  

We know there are lots of choices out there and we thank you for picking Brushed Oak Sparrow for your office! Why did you choose to go with Kentwood?

"Kentwood is a progressive and forward thinking brand, you have more of a European flavour in your aesthetic. We love the wide boards and matte finishes and specify Kentwood flooring for many of our projects so we wanted to use our new studio space to showcase the product to our clients and test the durability in a real way."

Why do you like working with Kentwood?

“We love that you have North American options and we find that your extensive colour palette is extremely workable so we can always find the right product no matter what the project.”

How did you get your unique name?

"I grew up on a third generation grain farm south of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. My childhood involved being outside, building tree forts, taking care of the animals, gardening, and riding with Dad in the tractor. Life on the farm, and the work that went along with it, taught me many valuable life lessons.

As a young adult, I moved to Calgary, AB to pursue a business degree during which time my father was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer. After completing my degree I moved back to Swift Current to marry my high school sweetheart and to be closer to family. Four years after the shocking diagnosis, my father passed away in the middle of harvest season - one of his favorite times of year. Now more than ever, I see how my father was a huge encouragement to me, always taking time to offer advice and pushing me to do my best as he watched me dreaming of owning my own interior design business someday.

Like many farmers, and farmer's daughters, I am grateful for where I grew up and how I was raised. The farming lifestyle that my parents chose to lead played a large part in how I view life and who I am today - I guess you could say, like many others in our area, I'm still a farmer at heart and will always be proud to be a farmer's daughter."

Many thanks to Kelsey for her continued support and we look forward to watching her career continue to blossom!

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Photographs by Jackson Designs