Clean Floors by Metropolitan

The flooring business is probably last place you would expect to find fake news, but it’s here.  Fraudulent labelling. Unlawful practices. Misleading claims. But things are changing. Bad actors are being called to account. Legislators are getting serious about enforcement. Consumers are asking tough questions.  And we welcome that.   

At Metro, we were doing compliance long before compliance became trendy. In 2008 we hired a full time Environmental Compliance Officer – a first for the industry, we believe. From day one, her mandate has been to implement a culture of compliance throughout the company. In doing so she helped us create a program that is a model for the entire industry. We sum up our compliance program in a concept we call ‘Clean Floors’.  

The following video gives an overview of what Clean Floors is all about.  For more information, check back soon as we’ll have lots more Clean Floors content to share in future.