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Kentwood Partners with Sustainable Harvest International
April 24, 2018

Kentwood is pleased to announce that it has entered into a three year partnership with Sustainable Harvest International to provide ongoing financial support for their environmental work.

Founded in 1997, Sustainable Harvest International was created with the mission to preserve endangered environments by working with local farmers and their families to promote sustainable farming methods and establish on-going tree planting programs. To date, Sustainable Harvest International has partnered with over 2,800 smallholder farmers who have planted 4 million trees and transformed 25,000 acres of degraded land into regenerative, organic farms. Sustainable Harvest International oversees a number of on-going projects in Central America.

Kentwood has undertaken to fund Sustainable Harvest International’s tree planting program in  Panama, a country that is losing 1% of its forests annually due to industrial activity and other causes. Kentwood’s contribution will fund the planting and care for roughly 5,000 trees per year and represents a significant contribution to Sustainable Harvest International’s long-term objectives in its Panama Project. “We are truly honored that Kentwood has selected us as a partner and we are grateful for your efforts,” Sustainable Harvest International wrote.


Kentwood’s partnership with Sustainable Harvest International is one facet of a wide ranging environmental program. For more information, visit

For more information on Sustainable Harvest International and its many programs, visit