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Chip - Evoke's Personality of the Month
March 1, 2018

Looking for a new best friend? Give Chip a try! The guy on everyone's guest list, Chip is a great person to share sweet treats and secrets with. He's playful, dependable and knows how to keep the conversation flowing. Click here to invite him round for some delightful quality time.


VCC Vivid 'Chip' - SKU# 43007



  • Construction: Vinyl composite, attached acoustical underlay 
  • Installation: Click together floating installation
        On, above, or below grade
        May be used over radiant heat systems
  • Board size:
        Thickness: 8 mm overall with attached underlay
        Wear layer: 20 mil
        Width: 3¾ / 5¾ / 7½" (96/ 145/ 194mm)
        Length: 48" (1220mm)
  • Box quantity: 22.85 sf² (2.123 m²)
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime residential, 12 year commercial
  • Eco-Attributes: FloorScore Certified


VCC combines the very best features of both laminate and luxury vinyl floors. The boards are rigid planks with a click together joint system like laminate, but they're constructed from a waterproof vinyl composite material, which gives them the 'install it anywhere' flexibility of vinyl flooring.

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