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Vinyl is Back - At the Vancouver Street Dance Festival!
August 11, 2017

Robson square was abuzz with rhythm and beats last weekend at the Vancouver Street Dance Festival in BC, Canada! Dance battles, workshops, DJ’s and live music all combined for an amazing weekend of unreal moves and unique personalities!

We joined in on the fun with an 8’ x 12’ collaborative community wall for attendees to pen with their best ‘tag’. Clad in Reece from Evoke VCC's Vital Collection, this wall certainly made an impression with hundreds of people flocking to make their mark! Vinyl is definitely back!


Our whole team had a blast keeping the crowd cool with popsicles and connecting with the dance community! There were some seriously smooth moves going down and a great experience was had by all!

For more information on Reece or any of our VCC products click here or speak to your Metro Representative. To learn more about the Vancouver Street Dance Festival, click here.

Our special thanks goes to artist Brother Jopa for the 'Vinyl is Back' feature tag on our community wall. Thanks also to Chris Son from the Vancouver Street Dance Festival for providing the great photography above!