Metro stocks a huge selection of essential accessories for all our flooring products with everything you need to do a professional job from subfloor prep to finishing and trimming.

Subfloor Preparation

Metro is pleased to be a preferred distributor of APAC, a leading manufacturer of proven subfloor preparation products for patching, skimcoating, leveling, vapor emission control and more.

Underlays & Vapor Barriers

Metro carries a wide selection of professional grade underlays and vapor retarders for all kinds of installations, including Kentwood Kombo and Kentwood Kork.

Acoustic Solutions

Metro is proud to partner with Impacta by Sound Seal, a leading provider of acoustic flooring systems.  Impacta offers a state of the art selection of proven acoustic solutions for all kinds of flooring installations.


Metro offers a full range of brand name adhesive products for both floating and full stick applications, including products from Kentwood, APAC, Bostik and Deccobond.

Trims, Transitions & Moldings

Trims and transitions are truly the professional touch to any installation, and Metro’s selection is one of the best in the business, with a line of custom-made moldings to match almost every product we sell.

Recoat, Retouch & Repair

From Tibetan Almond Sticks for touch-ups to full professional recoating systems, Metro has a full range of products to keep floors looking their best.